How Poor Posture Surprisingly Hurts Your Health

We all know that bad posture doesn’t look so great, but we barely realize that a poor posture affects more than just the way we look, but it can actually have a negative impact on our overall health. Mom was right when she told you to sit and stand up right. Poor posture can hurt your health in so many different ways. From shoulder, neck and back pain, to high blood pressure, sleep problems, digestive issues, or heart disease, here are some seriously surprising ways bad posture can affect your health and how you can get rid of this habit.

Neck and Back Pain

Ever wake up with unexpected neck and back pain? These are the most obvious side effects of bad posture. You may not feel these negative effects after slouching all day over your computer, but over the time the stress that bad posture puts on the muscles, ligaments, and discs in your neck and spine will lead to anatomical changes. Sitting down at the desk slumping over your laptop and looking down at your smartphone or tablet are the most common causes that lead to neck and back pain that will limit your daily activities. You can break free from this bad habit by taking frequent breaks if you have a desk job, checking your neck position, stretching out your shoulders and neck throughout the day can help.


There are many factors that cause headaches, but have you ever thought that these can be caused by your incorrect posture? Wondering how poor posture and headaches are interconnected? Slumping causes increased pressure on your neck leading to knots in the neck muscles causing pain to irradiate over your head.

Bad Mood

The next time you’re feeling blue, pay close attention to your posture. Bad posture doesn’t only affect your health, but also your mood and confidence. According to scientists, people with a slumped posture tend to experience more negative moods, fear, and lower-confidence than those who sit upright. When feeling down, sitting up straight can lift your spirits and will actually make you feel better about yourself. To improve your posture, you can incorporate posture exercises to your daily routine or you can wear a posture brace.


Bad posture causes a lot of ailments, including lack of energy. Fatigue is caused by constricted blood flow because less oxygen flow means less energy. In order to get the proper blood flow, your body needs to be in proper alignment. More than that, bad posture forces your muscles to work harder to hold you up which translates into a greater energy consumption which will leave you feeling fatigued.

Is your bad posture making you unhealthy? Lucky for you, you can quit this bad habit at any age. You can use simple back exercise to adjust posture, such as squats, lunges or shoulder rolls.

Or you can use a posture brace, the perfect solution to train your body for a better posture.

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