Intelliskin Posture Brace

A few years ago, posture braces were simple and non-very effective posture solutions. Nowadays, most models are completely opposite and most of them have countless benefits. The absolute leader in this area is IntelliSkin posture braces. Although, it is easy to tell you they are the best, explaining why they are the best isn’t as simple as you may expect. Let’s start with the basic explanation.

Posture braces can be divided into two categories, based on the type of taping they use. Athletic taping uses a strong tape in order to keep your muscles in a perfect alignment. They are well-known for easing the symptoms and making the pain go away, but their functionality ends here. They don’t have long benefits nor they can help you solve the main cause of the problem! On the other hand, kinesio taping can help you solve the main issue and make your problem go away. Sadly, they are not effective in all cases.

IntelliSkin posture braces are the best due to the fact they use the mixture of both types. The end result will be eliminated pain and your muscles will be trained so they will stay in the needed alignment. Now, let’s see some of the best choices.

PreviewNamePriceMore Details
IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Shirt 2.0 V-Neck $$$Click Here
IntelliSkin Women's Eve 2.0 Athletic Shirt $$$Click Here
IntelliSkin Women's Empower 2.0 Posturecue Sports Bra $$Click Here
Intelliskin Womens Essential Zip Bra 2.0 XL Black $$Click Here

IntelliSkin Men’s Foundation Shirt

IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Shirt 2.0 V-Neck

The IntelliSkin Men’s Foundation Shirt 2.0 V-Neck is the latest product of this type and it has been developed with the help of people who actually have posture problems. The end result was amazing posture brace that is more than just effective. Even better, this is an affordable model. However, it has been developed as a strong, athletic posture brace, which means that it is suitable for professional athletes, or individuals who need the ultimate support while training.

The main materials are nylon (56%) and lycra power (44%). Thanks to the mixture of the materials and the strong support tape, this model is the best IntelliSkin posture brace. Adding the fact it is available in silver and white color makes it even better.

We also liked the design of it, which is elegant, practical and ‘’concealed’’ so other people won’t know you wear a posture brace. The manufacturer claims that choosing the correct size is mandatory, so pay attention to this type of choice when ordering your new posture brace.

  • Very strong and capable for the most demanding uses.
  • Athletic support.
  • Well-made.
  • Can help you solve your issue permanently.

  • It may be too ‘’rough’’ to some people.
  • Available in 2 colors only.

IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Shirt
IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Shirt

56% Nylon / 44% Lycra Power


IntelliSkin Women’s Eve 2.0 Athletic Shirt

IntelliSkin Women's Eve 2.0 Athletic Shirt

The model in question has been developed especially for women, so there are some differences if we compare it to the aforementioned model. One of them is the strength of the tape. It is a low-pressure posture brace, which means that it is suitable for women with minor issues. However, it is very durable and perfect for women who prefer exercising and for those who must correct the posture in order to achieve better athletic results. Note: This posture brace won’t be the best choice if you don’t plan to use the maximum potential of it.

The materials that were used are nylon and lycra. Both of them are standard for this manufacturer and they have been chosen due to a simple reason. The mixture of these two materials in perfect proportion has the best effect on the muscle alignment and the posture in general.

Even the smallest osculation in the material proportions may be catastrophic. Luckily, this posture brace doesn’t have this issue, so you will feel the maximum potential as soon as you wear it for the first time.

  • Currently ranked as the best posture brace for women, by several health care providers.
  • Advanced and professional model.
  • Superior look.

  • High level of pressure.
  • Available only in white color.

IntelliSkin Women's Eve 2.0 Athletic Shirt
IntelliSkin Women's Eve 2.0 Athletic Shirt

56% Nylon / 44% Lycra Power


IntelliSkin Women’s Empower 2.0

IntelliSkin Women's Empower 2.0 Posturecue Sports Bra

Women who are looking for4 the first bra ever made capable of providing posture-related benefits will adore the IntelliSkin Women’s Empower 2.0. This model is the latest attraction on the market and we had to mention it, simply because it offers a perfect mixture of the design, practicality, efficiency and it is one of the rare products of this type that looks impressive. Adding the fact it has been developed by professionals, for the most demanding operations, will make the IntelliSkin Women’s Empower 2.0 an even better choice.

The design of this model has been chosen due to the fact it allows you to get the pressure on the muscles around the spine. The end result will be perfect alignment of them.

Wearing the bra for a longer period of time is preferable, simply because it will provide permanent benefits. Even better, this bra looks simple and ordinary, so its advantages won’t be noticed by other people.

  • Elegant
  • Modern
  • Effective

  • The price.

IntelliSkin Women's Empower
IntelliSkin Women's Empower

Improves athletic performance


Intelliskin Womens Essential Zip Bra 2.0

Intelliskin Womens Essential Zip Bra 2.0 XL Black All of you who are looking for the best and the latest bra that comes with a lot of benefits should pay attention to the Intelliskin Womens Essential Zip Bra 2.0. This is the latest innovation in the world of posture braces and it comes with a big ‘’bang’’! Probably the most important advantage is the level of support it has to offer. It is at least 2 times higher than equivalent models have to offer.

Ergonomic seams were introduced in order to make movements perfectly natural, so there won’t be a well-known feel of annoying pressure. While this is great, the next advantage is even better. The breathability of the material and the design are simply impressive.

This means that your skin and muscles will be able to breathe, even when you are under the most demanding pressure and in the most difficult situations. Wearing this posture brace for a long time will permanently correct your posture and allow you to train like never before.

  • Superior design.
  • A high level of efficiency.
  • Allows to the skin to breathe.

  • Too small.
  • Low posture correction effect on the lower spine muscles.

IntelliSkin Womens Essential Bra
IntelliSkin Womens Essential Bra

CoolCue fabric made of ultra-smooth, cooling nylon/spandex for truly comfortable compression and superb ventilation